RESOLUTION Spectra Systems announces ProCellics™

RESOLUTION Spectra Systems announces the worldwide release of ProCellicsTM. ProCellicsTM is the first Bioprocess Raman Analyzer for the biopharmaceutical industry fully dedicated to in-line monitoring of the critical metabolites and nutrients during upstream processes, in order to maintain an optimal development of mammalian cell culture in bioreactors. ProCellicsTM measures the concentration of glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, total cell density and viable cell density.

Thanks to ProCellicsTM, it is now possible to implement a GMP Process Analytical Technology solution for upstream processes!

ProCellicsTM responds to the following biopharmaceutical industry unsatisfied needs:procellics_minp1010084-min-min

  • Better understand cell culture processes
  • Improve quality control of the final product by implementing Quality by Design (QdB)
  • Enhance batch yield and prevent batch failure
  • Speed up process development, scale-up and transfer to production
  • Fulfill regulatory requests

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