Ultra High-Resolution Laser Spectrum Analyzer

ZOOM UHR is a Ultra High-Resolution laser spectrum analyzer, which features an exceptional spectral resolution up to
1.6 GHz and enables to perform both spectra, wavelength and linewidth measurements in real-time!

Thanks to this Ultra High-Resolution laser spectrum analyzer, laser manufacturers or integrators and scientific labs will have the ability to simultaneously measure with a high level of performance three key parameters of their lasers with a single tool. Its compact package even enables integration inside laser systems.

Wavelength range 950 – 1080 nm
Optical Spectral Resolution (1) Up to 1.6 GHz
Absolute accuracy (2) 650 MHz / 1 – 3 pm
Measurement speed 10 frames / s
Integration time 6.2 µm to 200 ms (0.05 µs step)
Maximum linewidth of a mode (3) 100 GHz
Simultaneous wavelength bandwidth 5 – 6 nm
Input power range (4) 200 nW – 2 mW
Optical input FC/APC PM singlemode fiber N.A. 0.12
Power consumption 10 W – 2 A @ 5 VDC
Communication (5) Gigabit Ethernet + USB 2.0
Dimensions 17.5 x 20 x 7.1 cm
FUNCTIONALITIES with SpectraResolver software
Compatibility Windows 7 & 10
Recording Continuous
Dark measurement Manual mode
Multi-wavelength meter function Automatic peak(s) detection
Standard graphical utilities Zoom, markers and peak(s) detection over time
Unit change nm / cm-1 / THz
Software development kit C/C++, DotNet, VIs libraries

(1) Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) of singlemode unresolved laser
(2) At 23°C without USB 2.0 communication. On the 20-26°C range with USB 2.0 communication.
(3) For single and multimode lasers
(4) At 1064 nm
(5) USB2.0 communication for extended operating temperature range

ZOOM UHR Ultra High-Resolution Laser Spectrum Analyzer


Key features

  • Up to 1.6 GHz ultra high optical spectral resolution (R = λ / Δλ > 250,000)
  • Excellent absolute accuracy: 650 MHz
  • Simultaneous bandwidth of a few nm
  • Compact size
  • Robust life-long factory calibration
  • User-friendly SpectraResolver software


  • Laser modulation (for high-power laser development, atomic clock)
  • Continuous and pulsed laser (ns/ps lasers) control
  • Mode-hop characterization
ISO 9001