Compact High-Resolution Laser Spectrum Analyzer

WIDE Spectra is a compact high-performance laser spectrum analyzer with wide measurement bands. Ideal for monitoring narrow-linewidth tunable laser emission over tens or hundreds of nanometers, it is suitable for both continuous and pulsed laser sources, from single pulse to quasi-cw, without any temporal artifact.
Thanks to smart SWIFTSTM Technology, WIDE Spectra has a steady calibration and can also operate as a multi-wavelength meter.

Wavelength range 630 – 1100 nm
Optical Spectral Resolution (1)
Max 10 GHz
Typical 8 GHz
Min 5 GHz
Absolute accuracy (2) 12 – 40 pm / 10 GHz
Maximum linewidth of a mode (3) 300 GHz
Wavelength bandwidth one measurement 30 – 130 nm
Best dynamic range 1:20
Maximum measurement rate 10 Hz
Integration time 1 ms – 30 s
Input power range (4) 10 nW – 1 mW
Optical input FC/APC PM singlemode fiber N.A. 0.12
Power consumption 500 mW (USB power supply)
Communication USB 3.0
Dimensions 10 x 9 x 6 cm
FUNCTIONALITIES with SpectraResolver software
Compatibility Windows 7, 8 & 10
Recording Continuous or multiframe
Dark measurement Manual and wizard modes
Multi-wavelength meter function Automatic peak(s) detection
Standard graphical utilities Zoom, markers and peak(s) detection over time
Unit change nm / cm-1 / THz
Software development kit C/C++, DotNet, VIs libraries

(1) Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) of singlemode unresolved laser
(2) T° calibrated on 10-40°C , no recalibration needed
(3) For single and multimode lasers
(4) Coupled in PM singlemode fiber


Key features

  • 5 GHz high spectral resolution
  • Wide measurement bands: 30 – 130 nm
  • Compact size
  • Robust long-life factory calibration
  • User-friendly SpectraResolver software


  • Narrow to medium linewidth lasers
  • Tunable lasers over a wide spectral range (OPO, ECDL…)
  • Multifrequency spectrum, linewidth, absolute wavelenght measurement
  • FBG interrogation
  • Frequency comb
ISO 9001