Easy-to-use laser spectrum analysis software

SpectraResolver software is for use with RESOLUTION Spectra Systems Laser Spectrum Analyzers and Wavelength Meters.

Based on advanced data processing algorithms which are part of SWIFTSTM technology, it is a powerful tool for laser spectrum characterization or/and laser output wavelength monitoring.

SpectraResolver easy-to-use interface offers many graphical utilities for an efficient live monitoring and a replay mode for the analysis of recorded measurements. SpectraResolver is provided on request with a Software Development Kit (SDK) for C/C++, DotNET and VIs LabVIEW libraries.

See more details on SpectraResolver capabilities and options in the menu below.

ISO 9001

SpectraResolver is a powerful tool for laser spectrum characterization and/or laser output wavelength monitoring. It offers the ability to control lasers spectrum analyzers and wavelength meter within a single user-friendly software for both applications.

SpectraResolver spectrum

SpectraResolver frequency over time

SpectraResolver offers several acquisition modes for continuous or triggered laser measurement (only with ZOOM Spectra and LW-10). This feature is a function proposed directly on the embedded camera driver and interfaced with a simple cable provided on demand with the device.

SpectraResolver trigger setup

A software development kit is provided on request for C++, DotNET and LabVIEW (VIs library).

A TCP/IP server can also be launched directly within SpectraResolver software. The JSON protocol documentation is provided on request.

SpectraResolver wavelength over time

Many graphical utilities are offered within SpectraResolver software for efficient live monitoring. Data can be recorded in .txt or .csv formats and a replay mode allows complementary analysis of the recorded measurement.

To perform wavelength stabilization, frequency locking, PID control or deviation measurement on a single-mode laser signal, SpectraResolver includes an optional +/-10 V analog output feature with LW-10 wavelength meter. The software control is user friendly and entirely configurable by the user, from sensitivity to bounds and error signals.

SpectraResolver analog output plugin

SpectraResolver interfaces LW-10 wavelength-meter with a specific fibered optical single-mode switch to serve for the most demanding applications in testing and measurement. LW-10 can monitor up to 4 lasers thanks to this unit.

SpectraResolver optical multi-channel switch plugin for LW-10

LW-10 SWIFTS™-based design also allows an optional access to a spectrum measurement available on demand within SpectraResolver software. This requires an extra factory calibration with achieved performances equivalent to SpectraSeries products.

If an advice on the device behavior from RESOLUTION Spectra Systems is needed, a product support procedure is available in SpectraResolver software. This procedure records a file containing extra information on the signal (such as an interference pattern) which can be helpful for a thorough diagnosis on our side.

SpectraResolver product support procedure

All our products are based on SWIFTS™ technology which consists in a fully integrated design with no moving parts. The factory calibration is in principle sufficient and no user recalibration should be necessary. If the user still wants to get the best absolute accuracy with a self-calibration, a feature is available in SpectraResolver software. The user will then need to feed the software with a reference wavelength while measuring the matching stabilized single mode laser source with LW-10. The algorithm will then take this information into account for recalibration.

SpectraResolver recalibration option for LW-10