Easy-to-use ProCellics™ Software

ProCellics™ Software is available with ProCellics™ Bioprocess In-Line Analyzer.

ProCellics™ Software has been specifically developed to address bioprocess monitoring needs.
It is easy to use, whatever the users’ level of expertise in Raman spectroscopy (from experts to personnel focused on process without knowledge of Raman spectroscopy), and facilitates ProCellics™ Raman PAT tool implementation in manufacturing environments.

ISO 9001

ProCellics™ Software benefits

ProCellics™ Software interface is divided into four distinct sections:

  • Instrument calibration: this section guides the user for periodical calibration of the analyzer and probe
  • Model building: this section allows to build models for each different process and to manage projects
  • Monitoring: this section enables to monitor culture parameters in real-time. It displays curves showing the evolution of the metabolite concentrations and cell densities
  • Maintenance and Settings: this section allows to access rights definition, database management and analyzer controls

ProCellics™ Software allows:

  • Remote communication: data connection is available with TCP/IP connection via the Ethernet communication port. Communication can be done either via direct connection between ProCellics™ and the computer or via Ethernet routers or hub.
  • OPC communication: ProCellics™ Software enables an easy-to-configure OPC communication protocol.
  • Data export and import from BioPAT® SIMCA: the dataset used for multivariate calibration is prepared in ProCellics™ Software. The models are generated in SIMCA® and ProCellics™ monitoring module uses an integrated BioPAT® SIMCA-Q (powered by Sartorius Stedim Biotech) to compute these models.
Cemometrics process

ProCellics™ Software proposes a clear methodology and a set of tools to highly facilitate the creation of chemometric models and their use for in-line monitoring.

Among the available tools  ProCellics™ Software manages the reference (off-line) data association required to build models. A “reference measurement” button enables to associate samples with their date and time during batch running.

ProCellics™ Software enables an easy importation of the reference data acquired off-line: they can be manually written, directly copied/pasted from a spreadsheet or opened and loaded from a file. A reference graph is automatically drawn from the reference association table.

ProCellics™ Raman Analyzer dedicated to in-line monitoring of bioprocesses in real-time
  • ProCellics™ Software automatically detects the Multi-Channel Unit (an add-on of the analyzer) and slightly changes the interface to fit with several probes management
  • Specific to the Multi-Channel Unit, a Timetable allows the user to overview and manage the schedule of several batch acquisitions
  • Several batches can run in parallel even with various laser powers, integration times or any other acquisition parameters: the software and hardware will adapt automatically to each batch parameters
  • ProCellics™ Software allows to create a list of components and units as per your needs
Signature management in ProCellics Software 3.0

ProCellics™ Software enables to activate, or not, full CFR 21 Part 11 compliance:

  • User access management
  • Signature management
  • Audit trail

RESOLUTION Spectra Systems provides ProCellics™ Software training during installation and at any time during product use. Contact us to know more about our Training Program.

ProCellics™ Software new release

ProCellics™ Software is developed by our internal software team who works both in an Agile mode and following a V development methodology. Our software development is based on state-of-the-art tools in order to guarantee a high level of traceability and test.

RESOLUTION Spectra Systems releases regular ProCellics™ Software upgrades. Our developer team works on continuously improving it and proposing new features for an easy-use and an easier GMP implementation.