Raman Analyzer for In-Line and Real-Time Monitoring of Bioprocesses

ProCellics™ Raman Analyzer dedicated to in-line monitoring of bioprocesses in real-time

ProCellics™ is the first GMP Bioprocess Raman Analyzer for the biopharmaceutical industry fully dedicated to in-line monitoring of the critical parameters and quality attributes in real-time, in order to maintain an optimal development of cultures in bioreactors and to better control downstream processes.

Thanks to ProCellics™ Bioprocess Raman Analyzer, it is now possible to easily implement a GMP Process Analytical Technology solution for upstream and downstream processes! 

Key features

  • In-line analytical monitoring inside the bioreactor
  • Real-time display / OPC transfer of quantified parameters
  • Easy multivariate calibration with ProCellics™ Software / SIMCA®  
  • GMP immersion probe of 12 mm diameter adapted to PG13.5 / M18 bioreactor port
  • IP65 compact analyzer unit
  • CFR 21 part 11 facilitated
  • Multi-channel unit to operate up to 4 probes from a single analyzer (option)

ProCellics™ measures, among others, the concentration of glucose, lactate, ammonium, glutamine, glutamate, other amino acids, proteins, exosomes, Total Cell Density and Viable Cell Density

ProCellics™ Raman Analyzer

GMP compliance

Thanks to ProCellics™ Raman Analyzer, it is now possible to easily implement a GMP Process Analytical Technology solution for upstream and downstream processes!

ProCellics™ easy model-building and real-time monitoring

ProCellics™ Software offers 4 modules:Easy-to-use ProCellics™ Software is available with ProCellics™ GMP Bioprocess In-Line Raman Analyzer

  • Instrument calibration
  • Model building
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance & Settings

The architecture of the software has been defined to be clear, to offer guidelines for non-experts and to facilitate compliance with CFR 21 part 11 guidance.

The proper methodology implemented in ProCellics™ Software allows to easily design robust chemometrics models to be used in subsequent routine batch monitoring. This methodology is ideally suited to the feeding strategy optimization (feeding of glucose, medium, etc.), makes the implementation accessible to non-experts, and demonstrates the robustness of your model.

The dataset used for the multivariate calibration is prepared in ProCellics™ Software. The models are generated in SIMCA® and the monitoring module of ProCellics™ uses an integrated BioPAT® SIMCA-Q (Powered by Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB) engine to execute the models in real-time.

Multi-channel unit option

Key features

  • Operate up to 4 probes from a single analyzer
  • Analyzer unit add-on with no impact on the system footprint
  • Single software interface
  • Sequential measurement of the same or different processes
  • User-friendly interface to manage probes’ parameters, timing and traceability
  • Probe instrumental calibration features to easily allow model building with mixed data from different probes


  • Fast 1st multivariate calibration with multiple parallel batches
  • Robust models catching setup variability to ease transfer between devices
  • Even more affordable cost per measurement point

ProCellics™ advantages

ProCellics™ benefits

  • Better understanding of bioprocesses
  • Improved batch monitoring
  • Continuous quality control
  • Reduced risk of batch failure
  • Optimized production yield/capacity

Faster Development &

Enhanced Process Productivity

This PAT tool will increase your site productivity, facilitating Quality By Design

Support and services

RESOLUTION Spectra Systems service offering will help you easily implement the ProCellics™ solution and get the maximum out of it.

We offer support for installation of the hardware and software (IQ/OQ), training and maintenance services. In order to guarantee a fast implementation of ProCellics™, our experts can offer support for the first set up including multivariate calibration and first monitored batches.

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