Mini High Resolution Laser Spectrum Analyzer sub-system

The OEM MICRO Spectra is the Original End Manufacturer version of the MICRO Spectra spectrometer. Thanks to its ultra-compact size, it can easily be integrated in a laser or any system using a laser.

  • Multi-wavelength Meter
  • Laser Spectrum Analyzer
High spectral resolution: 8-24 pm
Absolute accuracy: 8-24 pm
Wavelength range: 630 – 1100 nm
Simultaneous bandwidth of a few nm
Robust long-life factory calibration
Size: 46x40x12 mm
Fibered input
USB2.0 communication and power supply
 .Net library and VIs LabView

Please refer to the MICRO Spectra datasheet for more detailed characteristics and contact us for your customized OEM version.



  • Loop wavelength monitoring and control of laser
  • Increase the value of lasers by providing directly the absolute wavelength
  • Open the possibility to use low cost laser in laser based instruments