Fourier Transform and Laser characterization based on SWIFTS technology Laser Spectrum Analyzer - MICRO Spectra

This educational kit is to support the preparation of an educational experiment in the field of Fourier transform spectroscopy and LASER characterization.
A stand alone experiment dealing with Fourier transform spectroscopy, VCSEL laser sources is described based on the MICRO Spectra, an ultra-high resolution mini Laser Spectrum Analyzer using SWIFTS technology (SWIFTS : Stationary Wave Integrated Fourier Transform Spectrometer, French patents).
Other types of experiments such as optical coherence tomography, fibered bragg grating sensors, phase modulation, data processing in the Fourier domain, compressive sensing or laser source analysis are also presented.

Setup included


  • Mounting base (x1)
  • Metric post holder (x1)
  • Post (x1)
  • Cage rods (x 4)
  • XY Translating Lens Mount (x2)
  • Plano-convexe lens
  • FC/APC Fiber connector / SM1
  • Iris mount
  • Iris Diaphragm
  • Fiber optical polarizer, FC/APC

Laser Spectrum Analyzer

  • MICRO Spectra
  • SpectraResolver software –Education version


  • Multimode VCSEL 850 nm (x3)


  • Current driver (x1)
  • TE-cooled diode mount

The use of a powermeter is recommended for the coupling step.


Key features

  • Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
  • Interferometry
  • Laser Spectrum & Modes
  • Laser diode & VCSEL
  • Integrated Optics
ISO 9001