How does ProCellics™ revolutionize the way of monitoring cell cultures and downstream processes ?

ProCellics™ makes possible in-line measurements that were previously performed at-line or off-line or with several different probes (which can’t be in place at the same time).

List of elements which can be measured with one probe provided the suitable calibration:

  • USP metabolites and nutrients: glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, other amino-acids, antibody
  • Total and viable cell densities, cell viability
  • Protein, antibody concentration
  • DSP: protein conformation, virus inactivation

What in-line analysis means for ProCellics™:

  • In-situ measurement : the optical probe immersed in the medium
  • No sampling contrary to at-line / off-line systems
  • 1 quantitation dataset every 15’ corresponding to the quasi steady state of the culture during this duration = real-time
  • Moving average technique allows monitoring trends with a very short time sampling
  • Quantitation dataset recorded and available real-time for external systems like bioreactor controllers
  • Without any human interventions