ProCellics™ featured in Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) newsletter

Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) is a twice-monthly newsletter aimed at providing decision-makers with the latest and most complete information available on the life science and analytical instrument industry, and lab product markets. IBO delivers the latest curated industry news, information and trends, as well as SDI data and analysis to deliver the maximum in industry insight with a minimum time investment for executives and investors.

In-line bioprocess analysisThis week IBO deals, among other topics, with at-line/in-line analysis for bioprocess development. “As the number of biologic drugs in development has increased, so has the need for analytical testing, including for process development. A mainstay of process development labs is testing of cell media. This testing has traditionally been done off line in separate labs using standard lab instrumentation. New types of systems aim to reduce the cost, time and inefficiency of traditional testing options, as well as enhance the use of tools for process optimization and product quality, such as QbD [quality by design], by bringing the testing closer to the bioreactor. Solutions for dedicated, at-line cell culture media testing during process development represents a new market space for most scientific instrument companies, and one that is valuable for further addressing the robust biotech endmarket. In this article, IBO profiles three products designed to meet this market’s requirements by pioneering new types of testing solutions.

ProCellics™ is one of the solutions presented in the article! Reviewing advantages of the ProCellics, Dr. Bonneville emphasized process quality as well as process monitoring. “ProCellics becomes more and more attractive as it allows a real-time monitoring of simultaneous CPPs [critical process parameters] and CQAs [critical quality attributes] with one probe only.” As Dr. Bonneville summed it up, “In-line Raman monitoring is at the crossroads of QbD [quality by design], automation and digitalization.””

Download the full article here (courtesy of IBO).