Focus on a distributor – Aunion Tech, China

Can you please introduce yourself and your company?

Arrow Wu, Aunion Tech: I am the Marketing and R&D director of Aunion Tech, and I have been working in the laser industry for more than 12 years. Aunion Tech was founded in 2008. It is one of the most professional distributors for all kinds of lasers, optics, measurement equipment and experiment equipment. Aunion Tech’s main markets include laser processing, spectroscopy, biomedical and imaging fields.

Can you please describe your relationship with RESOLUTION Spectra Systems?

Arrow Wu, Aunion Tech: Aunion Tech is one of RESOLUTION Spectra Systems Chinese distributors. We are very happy with the cooperation with RESOLUTION Spectra Systems. With the growth of awareness of RESOLUTION Spectra Systems laser spectrum analyzers, more and more people are considering using them in their experiments.

What is your feedback on Laser World of Photonics China that took place mid-March in Shanghai?

Arrow Wu, Aunion Tech: Laser World of Photonics China has been very successful for us. During the exhibition, many customers coming from universities and companies showed interest in RESOLUTION Spectra Systems laser spectrum analyzers. People were very impressed by the resolution of our laser spectrum analyzers. Some people now expect we can extend the spectrum range to below 600 nm.

What trends do you currently see in the laser industry?

Arrow Wu, Aunion Tech: It is a very broad topic. In general, I think that the laser industry will keep growing. In the laser processing market, ultrafast lasers will grow very quickly. With the growth of wearable devices, laser diodes and VCSEL may experience a very fast growth.