laser characterization and controlMeasuring the spectrum of a laser diode emission with a resolution of a few pm is necessary when addressing different kinds of issues: the use of a laser source for metrological applications based on interferometry or other physical phenomena such as the Raman effect or atom cooling usually requires pure spectra or, at the very least, good knowledge of the true spectral characteristics.
Laser users and integrators often have a huge choice of laser sources but with limited information on their laser spectrum unless they use an intrinsically pure laser, as for instance a HeNe laser. This can lead to serious difficulties in understanding the results of metrological setups or industrializing products. And here lies the need to evaluate source quality, the true operating range or component uniformity.

Measuring the spectrum of a laser with high resolution is also a necessity when developing new and innovative lasers.


Thanks to SWIFTSTM technology, our laser spectrum analyzers and wavelength meters are the ideal solution for laser analysis and control in the range of 630 to 1100 nm. They can display a laser line profile up to a spectral resolution of 3 GHz.

In addition, a high data rate measurement capability (up to 30 kHz) and several trigger mode options offer a unique configuration for testing pulsed lasers. Furthermore, their user interface includes an automatic peak detection feature and a real time visualization of the peaks stability over time.


Small size
No need of specific fitting of your test bench or production area
Easy integration into laser systems

Life-long calibration
No annual cost for re-calibration

Spectral resolution combined with unique absolute accuracy
5 pm spectral resolution with 1 pm absolute accuracy

High speed
Up to 30 kHz with ZOOM Spectra
No temporal artefact

Competitive pricing
Best performance/ price offer


Tunable lasers (DFB, DBR, OPO, ECDL etc…)
Determination of operating ranges, parasitic modes detection, wavelength control

  • Truly understand the quality of your source
  • Concentrate your efforts on source control and your application
  • Real-time / high-rate measurement

Laser stability control

  • For atom cooling, atom trapping, Raman spectroscopy etc…
  • Characterization of laser and best operating point search
  • Control and record of the stability of the exciting laser during your analysis
  • Very stable measurement

Source purity measurement
For highly multimode laser sources as laser diodes, VCSELs etc…

  • Development
  • Manufacturing Process drift detection
  • Quality control
ISO 9001