Focus on a distributor – SnowHouse Solutions, Canada

Can you please introduce your company?

Michel Dumont, SnowHouse Solutions: SnowHouse Solutions was founded by Dr Bertrand Veilleux in 2012. We distribute instruments to the Canadian scientific market on behalf of manufacturers from France, UK, USA, Korea and abroad. We offer products in imaging, spectroscopy, material characterization and electrochemistry. Our sales team has more than 30 combined years of experience in providing instruments to the Photonics Industry. We have offices in Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto. We aim to provide our customers with a technical solution within 24 hours.

Can you please describe your relationship with RESOLUTION Spectra Systems?

Michel Dumont, SnowHouse Solutions: Snowhouse Solutions is the Canadian Distributor for RESOLUTION Spectra Systems since 2014. Being a Canadian French based company, the relationship with RESOLUTION Spectra Systems was very easy and natural considering our current product line up. We are promoting Laser Spectrum Analyzers and Wavelength Meter from RESOLUTION Spectra Systems to Canadian institutions and companies doing Laser Characterization, Laser Control, Modulation and Process Analytics.

What trends do you currently see in the laser industry?

Michel Dumont, SnowHouse Solutions: High Resolution Optical Spectroscopy, Ablation and Modification of Materials, Fiber Bragg Grating sensing, Tunable Laser for Raman Spectroscopy.