Christophe Bonneville, Co-founder and President of RESOLUTION Spectra Systems

Christophe Bonneville

Christophe Bonneville is a graduate physicist from the Ecole Centrale de Marseille and a Doctor of Instrumental Optics. During his PhD, he contributed to the development of a couple of new instruments for astronomy now implemented on the Very Large Telescope and on board NASA’s James Web Space Telescope. In 2006, after several R&D and program management positions in the space industry, he was recruited by e2v’s Grenoble site, one of the global leaders in the image sensors field. His role allowed him to promote e2v’s contribution to the development of revolutionary SWIFTS™ technology, an emerging concept at the time. As this concept became increasingly convincing, he joined forces with Thierry Gonthiez to put together a far-reaching business initiative to provide demanding markets with an offer based on advanced optical spectroscopy technologies. Since 2013, Christophe has been working closely with the biopharma industry in order to offer breakthrough Process Analytical Tools for bioprocessing, which led to ProCellics™ solution.

Co-founder and General Manager of RESOLUTION Spectra Systems

Thierry Gonthiez

Thierry Gonthiez received his PhD in physics from University of Orléans (France) for his research in the field of laser-matter interactions and laser spectroscopy diagnosis. After his PhD thesis, he founded his first company specializing in EUV lithography sources for microelectronic and scientific applications. In 2004, Thierry joined Université Grenoble Alpes TTO as Business Unit Manager to develop new industrial activities based on academic research. During this period, he and his teams developed and sold new products and solutions based on innovative technologies to different markets such as optics, semiconductors, environment, gas and medical. He took part in several technology transfers and in creating many startup companies, including ALPAO and RESOLUTION Spectra Systems. Thierry worked with the two inventors of SWIFTS™ technology since day one and was manager of the SWIFTS™ industrial collaborative development project before co-founding RESOLUTION Spectra Systems.