structure monitoringStructure control applications covers the monitoring of the mechanical strain, displacements  and temperatures inside civil engineering structure and industrial large equipment, such as bridges, dams, motors, etc.… Structure health monitoring is a necessary activity when security is on risk and lifetime an associated economical challenge. The real-time tracking of strain or temperature in structure may also allow reducing the manufacturing and maintenance cost.

Many of these challenges can be addressed through regular electro-mechanical sensors. However, such thermal or strain sensor are not easy to implement in harsh environment with strong electromagnetic fields (electrical generator, lightening), high-temperature or very limited space for cables path. Moreover, in the domain of strain measurement, some application may require very high sensitivity.

From an economical point of view, the price per measurement point may become prohibitive if the interrogator unit has poor multiplexing capability.


RESOLUTION Spectra Systems is offering solutions for structure control based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors. This type of fibered optical sensing – especially when using our SWIFTSTM technology – is proper to solve the challenges of high level of integration and high multiplexing while operating in harsh environment.

We are developing solutions in the framework of customer projects, including:

FBG Interrogators

  • High-multiplexing (typically 100 nm bandwidth), multi-channels
  • Measurement speed from Hz up to kHz
  • Ultra-high accuracy (typically nano strain)

Full solution developed with our Partners

  • Fibered Bragg Gratings (simple FBG, Fabry-Perot cavity, high-temperature resist sensor)
  • Packaged FBG sensors
  • Data processing
  • Embedded calculation
  • On site installation


Our integrated SWIFTSTM technology provides unique benefits:

  • Accuracy (high-speed, high-sensitivity)
  • Robustness (ultra-compact, steady component)
  • Reliability (no-recalibration, die to die chip technology)
  • Cost effectiveness (high multiplexing capacity, equipment cost reduction, no maintenance)

A global solution requires a broad range of skills from optical instrumentation to civil engineering. The combination of our skillset and capability to work with a network of reliable partners allow us to offer a cutting-edge solution for structure control/monitoring.


High-temperature measurement (T° > 1000°C):

  • Oil/ gas exploration and retrieval
  • High-temperature furnaces
  • Chemical processes
  • Motors/engines

Microseismic monitoring:

  • Real-time activity
  • Ground micro displacement

Structural Health Monitoring (strain, temperature, pressure, vibration):

  • High-speed : Hz – kHz
  • High-sensitivity : < 0.02 °C, < 0.2 µε