SpectraResolver new version

In June 2016, we released version 1.5.2. of our SpectraResolver software.

Compared to version 1.5.1. the interface is still user-friendly and robust. You will find below a list of addings and improvements featured in version 1.5.2.

New functionalities

  • Recordings can be re-watched without being connected to the laser spectrum analyzer
  • Automatic best dynamic research
  • In wavelength meter mode: display of the current value, average, standard deviation, minimum, maximum
  • In wavelength meter mode: the overtime graph can be centered around a transition ray (Figure 1) or around the average (Figure 2)


Figure 1. Overtime graph centered around a transition ray


Figure 2. Overtime graph centered around the average

  • Recalibration tool added


Figure 3. Calibration history


Figure 4. Calibration recording on a reference laser

  • TCP/IP server: allows to control and acquire the wavelengths measured via TCP/IP


Figure 5. 

New plugins added for

  • The use of an optical switch allowing to visualize up to 4 lasers quasi-simultaneously (the replay function allows to re-see a recording made with the optical switch)


Figure 6. Visualization of four different lasers around 633 nm 

  • The use of an analog output plugin allowing to generate a voltage proportional to the difference between the measured wavelength and a reference. Range: -10 V / +10 V with a ~1.222 mV resolution


Figure 7.

As an option

  • SpectraResolver 1.5.2. can allow to visualize the spectra while used with the LW-10 wavelength meter