Focus on a distributor – Indeco, Japan


Taro_SaitoCan you please introduce yourself and your company?

Taro Saito, Indeco: My name is Taro Saito, I am Sales Director at Indeco, Inc. Our company is based in Tokyo, Japan. We distribute lasers and optoelectronics instruments and components. Our company was founded in 1990, we have been on the market for more than 25 years now.

Can you please describe your relationship with RESOLUTION Spectra Systems?

Taro Saito, Indeco: We started collaborating and distributing RESOLUTION Spectra Systems products back in 2013. We were looking for good laser spectrum analyzers and wavelength meters as there is a lot of demand from quantum optics and optical T&M customers in Japan. Finally, we discovered ZOOM Spectra with the state of the art SWIFTSTM technology! We had a good first meeting at Photonics West 2013 and agreed to work together on the Japanese market.

What is your feedback on OPIE that took place mid-May in Yokohama? What is your and your customers’ feedback on our new LW-10 laser wavelength meter that we just launched?

Taro Saito, Indeco: We got a lot of unique inquiries from some customers such as a big optical instruments company, government laboratories and national universities. First they were all surprised by the small size and robustness (no moving part inside). Secondly they were amazed by the great optical specifications such as the 20MHz resolution and the 200MHz absolute accuracy. Some customers immediately asked for a demo unit of LW-10.

What trends do you currently see in the laser industry?

Taro Saito, Indeco: Unfortunately, funding from the Japanese government for the academic market is slightly decreasing these days. However we are still expecting inquiries for LW-10 and ZOOM Spectra, especially from quantum optics customers and optical sensing customers. We also expect some demands from classic grating-based laser spectrum analyzers and interferometric wavelength meter users. They are still good products however some customers start realizing that they now can get “much better and cost effective solution” from RESOLUTION Spectra Systems very easily!